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Thrive & Save Lives with Super Kind You

Inspire Kindness, Confidence & Kids' Mental Health with Secrets of Child Psychology. Speak Inspire TV Certification
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Inspire Kindness in People of All Ages
Inspire Mental Health & Well-Being in Students of All Ages
Boost Your Confidence, Happiness and Personal Power in 6 Seconds
Teach Elementary Reading and Math Skills More Quickly and Easily
Use Your 4 Psychological Super Powers to Live Your Dreams
Name all 4 Super Peace Monkeys and the Psychological Success Skills they Teach
Inspire People to Imitate Positive, Kind and Peaceful Super Heroes
Teach Students how to Manage Anger Safely in 6 Seconds
Create Kind Friendships
Create Kinder Schools
Create Kinder Families
Create Kinder Workplaces
Create Kinder Churches, Synagogues, Mosques and other Spiritual Groups

Principals, teachers and parents, would you like to save 100 hours per year or more?  Imagine four teachers' aids and four nannies that work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  They are almost free and they never demand a pay raise.  They are Super Peace Monkeys!    They are your online helpers that you can call on at any time of day or night for help with a child who needs to calm down, boost confidence and self-esteem, learn a new skill, or communicate with kindness.  Each one teaches a different Psycho-Social Super Power. 

Years ago, I was working for an Ontario school board as a Psychometrist.  I was in charge of Psycho-educational testing for the most interesting kids in the entire board.  One of my first clients was a 5-year-old who was beating up smaller children on the playground.  When I asked him why, he said that he was his favourite superhero, Spiderman.  I said, "but Spiderman doesn't... wait... uh-oh... "  I thought to myself, "I think Spiderman does beat people up!"  How could I possibly compete with this kid's favourite superhero, who was regularly rewarded on TV for beating people up?  I realized that this kid, and most of our world leaders, need better superheroes, that teach kindness and compassion, not violence. 

Years later, an acquaintance told me she made sock monkeys, and I told her about my dream.  Suddenly, I said, "Super Peace Monkeys"!  A movement was born.  Because Super Peace Monkeys was too difficult for many people to remember, I switched the website to Super Kind You (Super Kind You and the Super Peace Monkeys). 

Many people say, "well, Spiderman only beats up the "bad guys".  Well, this kid called the other kids "bad guys", then beat them up.   Similarly, many wife abusers call their partners "bad", then beat them up.  Hitler's hero was a war leader when he was growing up.  Once an adult, Hitler spread a smear campaign against Jewish and gay people, calling them "bad guys".  In time, he created the Holocaust to beat them up and kill them.  Many money-hungry religious leaders call gay and LGBT people "bad guys" and incite mass murders (such as Orlando), parental rejection leading to homelessness, or mass suicides among LGBT youth.  Many racist cops call black people "bad" and then beat them up and /or kill them.  Black lives matter.  Your life matters no matter what your colour, gender, or sexual orientations.  You make a difference.  You are invited to join the dream. 

What if our children and our world leaders grew up with images of kind and peaceful heroes?  What kind of a world would we create?  You are invited to join the dream to inspire & empower 1,000,000,000 people to thrive, change lives, and create a kinder world for ALL.  Join the dream to create a kinder, safer, healthier world for ALL. 

Sharon Love, M.Ed. (Psychology)

Thrive & Save Lives with Super Kind You
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