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Super Easy Serbian - Greetings A1

How to Greet People and Respond Appropriately
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At the end of the course you'll be able to use and understand greetings confidently.
You'll also get acquainted with the most basic verb TO BE and how it can be used in simple sentences to say something about yourself.

Need to learn how to greet people in Serbian (Bosnian, Croatian or Montenegrin)? 

Need to know how to greet and respond to both formal and informal greetings in these languages? 

You have found the perfect course for you! 

In one hour you will not only have the answers to all your questions, but with super easy and fun drills you will be confident saying out loud all the phrases taught at the course:

  1. Greeting people informally
  2. Greeting people formally
  3. Morning greetings
  4. Afternoon greetings
  5. Evening greetings
  6. Saying goodbye and good night
  7. Most common phrases to use after greeting someone and the best way to respond to them

Each video lesson has a resource file attached, which means that you are taken to the set of quizzes and exercises to boost your confidence. I have recorded myself doing these tasks, so you will hear the same phrases over and over again and feel confident doing the same yourself. 

Have fun learning Serbian with SuperEasySerbian series :D

Super Easy Serbian - Greetings A1
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