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Super Affiliate Playbook: Insider CPA Marketing Secrets 2020

Finally Become A Successful Affiliate Even If You Have A Small Budget, Have Zero Experience, Or You've Failed Before
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How To Spy, Launch, Track, And Scale A Campaign Even With A Small Budget (See Case Study: From -59% to 468% ROI during Corona Pandemic)
Find High-Quality, Affiliate-Friendly Traffic Sources With Millions Of Visitors With Cheap Clicks
How To Find Top Performing, Low Competition GEOs and Devices To Launch Campaigns In
How To Spy And Copy Landing Pages and Ads Working Right Now
How To Get Accepted By Affiliate Networks Even If You're A Newbie
Free And Affordable Tools For Tracking, Hosting, And Spying

Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to create successful affiliate marketing campaigns?

Have you ever wondered what super affiliates know that you don't?

Have you ever dreamed of finally cracking the affiliate marketing code?

If have the warrior mindset to overcome all excuses, obstacles, and can take consistent action.... then this course, Super Affiliate Playbook: Insider CPA Marketing Secrets, may just finally be the last affiliate marketing course you'll ever need.


  • April 2020 CASE STUDY: From -59.02% to 468.13% ROI (During Corona Virus Pandemic)

  • How To Spy, Launch, Track, And Scale A Campaign Even With A Small Budget

  • Find High-Quality, Affiliate-Friendly Traffic Sources With Millions Of Visitors With Cheap Clicks

  • How To Find Top Performing, Low Competition GEOs and Devices To Launch Campaigns In

  • How To Spy And Copy Landing Pages and Ads Working Right Now

  • How To Get Accepted By Affiliate Networks Even If You're A Newbie

  • Free And Affordable Tools For Tracking, Hosting, And Spying

  • And So Much More!


  • April 2020: Coronavirus Updates (CPA marketing still works), Budget & Offer Guidelines, Campaign Optimization Case Study From -59% to 468% ROI.

If you've ever wanted to learn how to create successful affiliate marketing campaigns... even if you have a small budget, have zero experience, or have failed before... then this course may be exactly what you've been looking for.

Read over the course curriculum and watch the free lectures now to see what's inside.


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"Thank you very, very, very, very, very much for your course and help. I successfully achieved $60 per day in profit. It is my dream to come true. Successful CPA business was my dream. Your course changed my life. I lost trust in online classes because I was enrolled in too many of them. No matter how much I thanked you. It will be less. I want to kiss your hands. Love you, brother. I hope one day we will meet at the affiliate conference somewhere. I am writing a review today."

- Zakir Khan, direct message March 14, 2020


"Amazing course, very comprehensive. This has to be one of the best CPA Marketing courses I've taken in my life. The information is extremely detailed and the course could easily be worth thousands of dollars. So many gurus charge + $1k for courses that aren't even a 1/10 as good as this course. Paulo really surprised me and taught me new concepts with this course. This is like the quality of what you find on premium forums but in video format which makes the whole thing a lot easier for newbies, but I'm sure even advanced affiliates could learn a lot from this course given how in-depth it is. Extremely valuable course. Went way above my expectations."

- Dan V, posted review


"The price of this course should be x20. It covers everything you need to know. There's nothing else to learn, this course + your future experience will lead you to your desired destination ;)"

- Vincenzo Micale Lopez, posted review


"This is a great course, and the kind that puts the missing puzzle-pieces finally together. Really appreciate the balanced attention given to training and education, and not one more than the other. 4 years ago I couldn’t see see the bigger picture until you illustrated it here. For me, the ad networks and what to look out for, the affiliate network which hosts your links and your offer, and the landing page and how to create them without going crazy with the details and microsteps. I realize this is a really simple thing but I needed that. The biggest takeaway for me was when you emphasized how at first, we’re testing and creating a benchmark. We’re taking what’s working and establishing a basis to refer to when we test. Even if we’re not profitable at the start, if we made the right preparatory steps, we shouldn’t be too far from getting close to positive, and then positive and upward if we keep digging. The white-listing concept was big mental breakthrough for me too. Well, I am re-motivated to learn the game and make this work. It’s unfinished business for me because I bombed on my attempts 4 years ago on every level. This course more than addressed those hangups. Thanks. I’m really thrilled for this course."

- Kevin Canaber, posted review


"Course was comprehensive and gave all the tools needed to begin testing and optimizing successful affiliate campaigns. You can tell this instructor actually uses the methods he teaches. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is serious about affiliate marketing."

- Richard Carpino, posted review


"This course's strategies and tactics are well explained step by step in a simplified way which is easy to understand even for those who are new to those who are experienced. Many different components which are time consuming and found by trial and error and testing with money, and have to work together are included, some, which are free and others minimal cost as they are necessary to prevent problems insuring success. Paulo covers everything from mindset (realistic expectations), understanding your competition's effort (so you can learn from observations giving yourself the greatest chance at success), affiliate networks selection and approval, tracking setup and what he uses, hosting, domain selection, campaign testing, best practices to scale and improve results. He also has bonus courses and a facebook group, which he offers as well as being available to help if you have specific questions. I find this to be a solid foundation from which to learn the basics efficiently without wasting time and money towards being successful with CPA paid traffic. I believe those who go through this course will emerge confident in their abilities to follow the course's easy to understand material and to be successful. Thanks much Paulo for your great simplified teaching style and it's obvious you can tell he genuinely cares about others success."

- Sean Evo, posted review



Section: 1 Introduction

  • 1. Introduction

  • 2. Want Me To Personally Guide You?

Section: 2 Getting Traffic: How To Target Millions Of Visitors For Pennies Per Click

  • 3. Principle 1: The Best Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing 05:49

  • 4. How To Find Affiliate-Friendly Traffic Sources with Millions Of Visitors 02:38

  • 5. One Affiliate-Friendly Traffic Source With High Volume 05:10

  • 6. How To Sign Up On This Traffic Network (And What To Avoid) 04:39

  • 7. How Much Money Do You Need For Affiliate Marketing? 06:50

  • 8. How To Find Top Converting GEOs And Devices 06:38

  • 9. How To Find Cheap, Low Competition GEOs and Devices 05:20

Section: 3 Spying: How To Find Top Campaigns Working Right Now

  • 10. Principle 2: Find Out What's Actually Making Money 03:09

  • 11. The Affordable Spy Tool For Beginners 05:00

  • 12. The Spy Tool Search Filters To Find Winning Campaigns 03:49

  • 13. How To Find Top Campaigns Working Right Now 09:43

  • 14. What Spy Tools Don't Tell You 04:47

  • 15. Why You Shouldn't Fear Your Campaign Getting Stolen 04:52

Section: 4 Getting Offers: How To Get Accepted Into Affiliate Networks As A Complete Newbie

  • 16. Principle 3: Avoid Shady, Small Affiliate Networks 05:01

  • 17. How To Not Get Scammed By Affiliate Networks 05:02

  • 18. How To Find The Affiliate Network With The Offer You Want 04:35

  • 19. How To Get Accepted Into Affiliate Networks Even If You're A Newbie 07:08

  • 20. Offer Types That Work Better With Smaller Ad Budgets 05:43

Section: 5 Landers: How To Copy And Setup Winning Landing Pages

  • 21. Principle 4: Copy Others Before Testing Original Ideas 04:18

  • 22. The Free Tool To Copy Landing Pages 03:57

  • 23. Swipe Tool Settings You Should Have Enabled

  • 24. How To Swipe and Copy Landing Pages 02:48

  • 25. How To Setup A Domain For Cheap 03:48

  • 26. How To Setup Cheap Web Hosting That Can Still Handle Thousands Of Visitors Daily 04:49

  • 27. How To Add A Landing Page To Your Website 02:57

  • 28. How To Edit Landing Page Code To Track Conversions Properly And Avoid Traps 08:20

  • 29. Free Way To Setup Offer And Website Uptime Alerts 03:49

  • 30. How To Setup Web Hosting Maintenance Alerts 01:23

Section: 6 Tracking: Non-Techie Ways To Setup Proper Campaign Tracking

  • 31. Principle 5: Why You Must Track To Profit 02:37

  • 32. Free Tracking Tool That's Similar To Top Trackers 03:35

  • 33. How To Setup A Traffic Source 03:16

  • 34. How To Add An Affiliate Network 04:14

  • 35. How To Setup Postback URLs 03:49

  • 36. How To Add Offers 01:35

  • 37. How To Fire A Test Conversion 03:59

  • 38. How To Add A Landing Page 02:21

  • 39. How To Setup Flows 03:57

  • 40. How To Setup A Campaign Tracking URL 02:32

Section: 7 Launch: How To Setup And Launch A Campaign (Even With A Small Budget)

  • 41. How To Setup Proper Campaign Targeting 08:26

  • 42. How To Setup Campaign Creatives, Tracking URLs, And Bids 05:56

  • 43. Whitelist Campaign Setup: For Smaller Daily Spend Budgets 04:39

Section: 8 Getting Positive ROI: How To Finally Turn A Campaign Profitable

  • 44. Principle 4: The Right Expectations To Have After A Campaign Launches 07:06

  • 45. 2 Easy Ways To Increase ROI After Launching 06:55

  • 46. How To Find The Hidden Treasure In Your Campaign 05:57

  • 47. Other Ways To Increase Your ROI 08:23

Section: 9 Scaling: How To Scale A Profitable Campaign Into A Big Winner

  • 48. Principle 7: You Can't Multiply Zeroes 04:34

  • 49. Scaling Strategy #1: Increasing Your Budget Without Lowering Your ROI 04:32

  • 50. Scaling Strategy #2: Running A Blacklist Campaign 05:18

  • 51. Scaling Strategy #3: Targeting Multiple Devices 03:03

  • 52. Scaling Strategy #4: Targeting Multiple GEOs 03:05

  • 53. Scaling Strategy #5: Targeting Other Traffic Sources 03:04

Section: 10 Free Bonuses: Free Mentorship, Extra Materials, And More

  • 54. How To Make Extra Cash If You're Low On Funds To Use For Ad Spend

  • 55. How To Create Your Dream Life


Paulo Perdu made his first dollar online in 2010.

His courses help over 19,000 students across 162 countries. He has over 1,000 reviews and an overall 4.5 instructor rating.

His courses are continually updated and are also rated higher than the average for their category.

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Super Affiliate Playbook: Insider CPA Marketing Secrets 2020
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