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Sun 310-044 Network Administrator Solaris Practice Exam

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Sample Questions

Q) Which three statements about the fragmentation are true? (Choose three.)

a) The fragment size is determined by the MTU size of the network interface layer.

b) The fragment size always remains constant for a packet through all the networks through which the packet passes.

c) Fragmentation is a mechanism to divide a class of IP addresses to allow a more efficient use of the address space.

d) Fragmentation occurs, if necessary, to each packet passes through a router based on the MTU for the interface.

Q) A system administrator is trying to add a default router using the command: "Network is unreachable" add default route 0 You get the error message The IP address you are using is, and router is reachable via a "direct" route. The router on the network in question and it is a valid default router. What are the causes of the error message "Network is unreachable"?

a) The metric of 0 must be 1.

b) Already you have different default router.

c) The default router should be accessible indirectly.

d) It should serve as a default router for your network.

Q) What three statements about Classless Interdomain Routing (CIDR) are true? (Choose three.)

a) CIDR is also referred to as "Supernetting."

b) CIDR uses network masks to create network prefixes.

c) CIDR can only be applied to network addresses of class C.

d) CIDR is applied to only address spaces within an organization.

Q) an IPv6 router that has been configured is having routing problems in the correct way to a default router connected to the Internet. It is necessary to investigate the routing table of the machine and verify that the default path is in place. You also need to check the ARP cache to see if the MAC address of the default router has been learned. Which two commands allow you to perform these tasks? (Pick one.)

a) arp -n

b) netstat -r

c) netstat -m

Q) What protocol defines the Router Discovery messages (RDISC)?

a) IP

b) ARP



Sun 310-044 Network Administrator Solaris Practice Exam
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