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Summertime Marketing

How to leverage the best marketing season of the year.
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To change the attitudes of business owners toward the summer months.
To leverage the incredible opportunities of “Summertime Marketing.”
To increase business during a generally perceived slack time of year.
To help “warm weather” industries balance the demands of long days and the need to keep business coming in for the months ahead.
To engage employees, so they don’t fall into summertime laziness and passivity.

“We don’t market during the summer; everyone’s on vacation.” Unfortunately that philosophy is all too prevalent, and it prevents business owners from capitalizing upon the single most effective marketing season of the year.

Learn all the possibilities of marketing during the summer months. And, if summertime is your busiest time of year, learn how to juggle the demands of your business, with the calls and emails that are still coming in, to ensure a full pipeline of business for the fall.

How can you take advantage of the Clean Desk Syndrome? How can you involve your employees, so they’re engaged and an integral part of your Marketing Team? Summertime is simply full of marketing opportunities!

Summertime Marketing
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