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Successful Sales Leadership With Emotional Intelligence

Understanding of practical concepts of emotional intelligence and its application with internal and external customers.
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How to achieve success in sales and marketing career through high emotional intelligence . This course will empower them to be self aware, self managed ,and maintain relationship with their stake holders to get wonderful results and career progress
They will learn to do planned sales with proper interface with internal and external customers and be able to achieve sales success with harmony.
They will understand more about themselves and more about customers and their emotional status to influence their buying decisions
They will be better organized and better managed to command more respect and success in the market
How to build their personal brand in the market as a sales leader.

This course is about understanding of emotional intelligence in practical sales and marketing settings. Though it will be useful for managers and individual contributors at all levels  of hierarchy. This will not only give them the conceptual knowledge but also the practical out look and tips. Their understanding about themselves will change. I have included some practical tools in this course so that students understand themselves and apply the skills in managing themselves in day to day life. I have added the -Customer Segmentation based on social style matrix in this course, it will help them to understand their customers in no time , apply the understanding and you will be able to click with them in no time. Energy level will increase because there is no wastage of emotional energy . Decision making will improve because one will be able to think with cool head. Will be able to create and manage high performance team.

Successful Sales Leadership With Emotional Intelligence
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