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Successful Meetings in English

How to facilitate and participate in meetings
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Lead and facilitate meetings in English to successfully achieve the goals of the meeting
Participate more fully in different kinds of meeting held in English. These include information sharing, brainstorming and decision-making meetings

Achieving a successful meeting is extra challenging if you have to take part in an English meeting and it is not your first language. This course will help you be successful in English meetings by giving you both strategies for such meetings and language tips and advice.

There are two main roles for people who attend meetings: facilitators who lead meetings and participants who take part.

In our course we give strategies and English language tips and hints for these two roles in the three major kinds of meeting (information sharing, brainstorming and decision making).

We teach how facilitators can ensure that meetings start well, run smoothly and end successfully. We show participants how to give opinions, disagree successfully and be better listeners.

In addition, we show how to organise online meetings and how to write up minutes.

Each lesson has a PDF checklist so that students can methodically observe and reflect on their own meetings.

After completing the course, whether you are a facilitator or participant you will be better able to successfully take part in English meetings.

Successful Meetings in English
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