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Successful Aging!

What you need to know about aging so that you can face your future informed and with assured confidence!
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Insight you need to elevate your outlook on life and dis-spell any fears or concerns you may have about growing older. In fact, you will learn how to embrace life more fully.
Twelve major misconceptions about growing older! In this course, you will be freed from the negative beliefs that hold you down.
Healthy and informed lifestyle habits that will open the door for you to embrace your future with confidence!
New meaning and purpose for living life to it's fullest with your eyes-wide open!

Do you know what the future has in store for you?

Hi, I’m Dr. Paul Falkowski, gerontologist, educator, author, and musician. For more than 25 years, I have been a student of aging and the aging process. Like many of you, before I started my journey, aging was some dark and scary subject to be avoided at all costs! But, I am here to tell you today that there is little to fear and so much to gain by learning about aging and how much power you have over how you will age!

In this course, I will teach you what you can expect, and there is a lot of good news! Imagine being freed from the concerns about losing your memory, what you will look like, or your physical and mental health?

What is “Successful Aging?”

What can I do now to age successfully?

What should I add to my life now? What should I avoid?

Successful aging was a coined in the ’80s to promote the idea that successful aging was:

  • avoiding disease,

  • maintaining your cognitive and physical health and,

  • nurturing meaningful relationships.

But guess what? That’s old news!

We now know that Successful Aging is so much more than just “avoiding or maintaining” (that sounds so fearful and stagnate, doesn’t it?)

Successful aging is about living a meaningful life, knowing how to face change, understanding the realities of aging versus the myriad of misinformation about aging we hear and see every day. It’s about resiliency and maximizing our opportunities for personal growth throughout every stage of life!

But how do we do achieve these goals?

We start by learning the truth about aging and what we can do now to lay a solid and informed foundation on which we can build our lives.

By taking this course, you will:

  • Change the way you think about yourself and your life,

  • Gain the information you need to live a fuller and happier life,

  • See yourself and others with new insight and,

  • Learn how to embrace changes that come age and,

  • Leave behind your fear about aging!

By taking this course, you will discover:

  • The myths and lies you’ve told from day one and likely continue to believe about aging and the aging process,

  • The truth about the physical changes and psychological changes do take place and how to adapt to those changes,

  • The social aspects of aging and the strategies you can put in place for nurturing and maintaining meaningful relationships and,

  • Ways to adopt and continue to have a positive outlook on life.

So, if you want to live without fearing the future, this course is for you!

Enroll now and enjoy learning what “Successful Aging” is really all about!

As your instructor, I will be with you every step of the way for your questions and feedback.

Let’s get started…

Successful Aging!
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