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Schizophrenia success story (part 1)

Success with mental illness
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understanding mental illness and schizophrenia
understanding helps families cope with family members who contracted the disease
case study of a success story of a mental patient who gives his own perspective
what the case study does everyday that keeps himself healthy each day
everything this case study goes through as a patient

Understanding mental illness and schizophrenia course talks about a schizophrenia success story and how this patient ovecome the illness with  a success positive mental atititude and continue to shine in life.

He relates  how he contracted schizophrenia, how he keeps his condition under control through healthy eating, sleeping and stretching every day and towards a new understanding of mental illness. he explains what he understands about his illness and he also talks about how he deals with the mental illness signs and symptoms

He further talks about his perception of singapore psychiastrist and singapore mental patients in singapore hospitals.

Schizophrenia success story (part 1)
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