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Success in Bipolar using Coaching & NLP

Coaching for family, friends and professionals in mental health
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To understand how coaching with NLP can support people's mental wellness
To hear how coaching with NLP has made a significant difference to a person experiencing a mental health crisis

Hospitalised twice with psychosis, Joe was in crisis.  Luckily the second time she was admitted, she was a delegate on our programme, learning the art of effective Coaching.

When Joe was discharged she and I began to work together. I shared with her the Coaching and NLP approaches that I believed would make a difference to her mental health and she became stronger and stronger.

Joe is now a graduate of our programme and a highly credible Coach. She now works in the field on mental health, sharing her expertise born from her personal experiences.

This course provides a clear understanding of how that process took place and how Joe became well again, maintaining her mental health.

Coaching and NLP as a combined approach is so hugely effective and how we apply our skills really matters.

NLP is ethical and effective when practiced within the Coaching framework.

The process Joe and I undertook together inspired us and our aim is that it will inspire you too.

Success in Bipolar using Coaching & NLP
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