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Succeed at Options Even If You Don't Know Where to Start

How 20K Turns into 1.2M in 10 Years
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Identify the best and avoid the worst option investing strategies.
Master the differences between stock and futures options.
Employ the pricing and mechanics of options.

The stock option business is as tough as crab fishing the Alaskan waters. But returns can be eye-popping if you develop an edge. Cornwall Capital, has extracted 51% annually from the stock market over the last decade blossoming every 20k invested into 1.2 million.

Here are a couple of unbreakable rules

Make sure all these items are present…

First, let me clarify something: Many people lose money trading stock options. Here are the rules academic research reveals to be the best in trading options:

Rule #1

Buy in-the-money calls on a couple of the strongest stocks you can identify trading across the NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ. Go out at least 6 months. 

Rule #2

Utilize anomalies of momentum, price impact, and post earnings announcement drift (PEAD) to add a few percentage points above the 9 to 10% geometric expected return of stocks. 

Rule #3

Focus on identifying the elephant in the room.  These are captain-obvious-after-the-fact business franchises that make headlines and rapidly become one or two-word household names. 

  • Amazon.
  • Google.
  • Apple.
  • Facebook.
  • Fiat-Chrysler.
  • Netflix

These new, fast rising firms attract the most capital in the market.  These behemoths are partially owned by activist investors who batter executives into doing the right thing for you. 

Rule #4

Focus most on controlling your downside and the rest will follow.  Limit order strops only partially help.  You must be on your computer screen throughout the day to trade calls. 

Rule #5

Focus on options where (1) implied volatility is low (2) the share price is rising and (3) the indexes are bullish. This is when you will initiate your best trades. 

How a 20K Investment Turns into 1.2 M in 10 Years

This course is for anybody interested in options. 

In this course, you will learn all strategies, basic options pricing, and option market mechanics.  These range from spreads to single option positions. 

Some strategies work best in stocks — others in futures.

You will be able to recognize when and in which markets each strategy is most effective. There are several strategies you will come to recognize as bad in any market or market condition. 

Some of these bad strategies may surprise you. 

Learning will be achieved through the following sections. 

  • Section 1: Welcome to Option Trading!
  • Section 2: What the Kardashians Can't Teach You About Options!
  • Section 3:  Option Pricing De-Mystified!

Learn From a Master

I am Dr. Scott Brown.  I am a seasoned option investor with numerous large double or triple digit returns under my belt.

I don’t know anybody willing to teach you the way I trade.

They are better off tending to their investment knitting than answering your questions.  I however, am trained to train them and thus you. 

I hold a coveted Ph.D. in finance from the University of South Carolina.  It cost the Darla Moore School of business a half a million in faculty costs to train me … to train you. 

My financial expertise is unique in that I also hold a master of international financial management from the #1 ranked MBA program Thunderbird, per the U.S. News and World Report. 

What’s in This for You? Discover How I Garnered 357.1% in 111 Days!

You must be asking yourself what you stand to gain from this course. What you are about to learn will allow you to attempt to set up real trades like this,   

Last fall I acquired in the money calls on Fiat Chrysler Automotive N.V. (ADR: FCAU) at a price of $1.0933 and $0.9000 for 419 contracts controlling 100 shares each for a total premium cost of $44,491.95 on November 8 and 10 of 2016.  On February 24 and March 1 of 2017 I sold the position for $160,908.69.  This dished up a total cash profit of $116,416.74 in 111 days for a return of 261.66%. 

The first scale of the campaign cost $4,832.16, sold for $22,087.71 profiting $17,255.55 for a return of 357.10%.   Honestly, if 10 years ago you would’ve told me that triple baggers like this are possible I would have scoffed!

I cannot promise you these returns. But I can show you how I got them.

The Buzz About This Controlled Leverage Option Investment Training

March 7, 2016, Jan Larson, I  hate to miss class.  They are always so clear and informative.  Like nothing else I've ever listened to. Jan


Dear Doc Brown, I am writing this email to express my heartfelt gratitude for this course you have put up.

I have completed the course and the reading part, and it has brought lot of light and richness to my perception of viewing markets. I shall come back to you to share with you how well did I fare. That would be another story, another time. As off now, only wanted to tell you that just viewing your lectures, reading the book has brought me lot of joy in itself. Thank you very much... May the creator bless you with abundance of love, laughter and happiness ! Sincerely, Rajkumar Mehta


I am doing great for a 67 year old man! My investments are doing OK not as good as your. I really like your 3 stock portfolio . I have too many stocks in my portfolio too many small positions. You have made me a believer, just having a hard time converting over to just 3 stocks! Maybe in the near future. You are doing a great job teaching us and I really appreciate all your knowledge and you sharing it with us!!! Thanks, Leonard Saunders


Join this program now if you are serious about mastering options!

Your most precious recourse is time.  Every day that ticks by without this knowledge is a dreadful delay in your financial mastery. 

The contents of this course are guaranteed to be true to the academic literature. Join now while you still have access to me, a Ph.D. holding research professor in finance. -Doc Brown

P.S. Less than half of households are invested in the stock market. Yet stocks offer the highest returns. What’s holding you back?

P.P.S. As Victorian British novelist Mary Anne Evans sagely expressed as George Eliot “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” Enroll now.

Succeed at Options Even If You Don't Know Where to Start
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