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Drug, Alcohol, and Substance Use in the Teen Years

Mental Health Professional and Substance Abuse Therapist Shares Tips for Parents and Teens (Jonathan Hetterly, LPC)
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Understanding the unique risks associated with substance use during the teen years.
Risk factors that increase the likelihood of teens developing abuse or addiction problems.
Protective and prosocial factors that help protect teens from developing substance use problems.

Drug and alcohol use is a scary proposition for parents. We cringe at the idea of our children engaging in adult behavior and worry about the type of kids that regularly engage in drinking or drug use.

If we are not careful, the topic of drugs and alcohol can fuel parents to be fearful and reactionary in their approach. 

So, how does a parent go about tackling the topic of drug and alcohol in an informed, proactive, and preventative manner?

Drug, Alcohol, and Substance Use in the Teen Years
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