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Substance Designer - Wood, Wood Floors & Wood Carving

Using reusable masks to create a variety of different wooden textures
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Create procedural wood, wood flooring and wood carving materials.
Create reusable nodes to apply carved designs to any material

In this course we'll learn all about doing stuff with wood in Substance Designer.

First we'll create a basic wood material, with an adjustable polish parameter. 

We'll then use this material to create two basic floor types (planks & parquet) which we'll then combine to create a third, composite floor material. The masks and functions in our floor materials will also use the polish input from the original wood. So as the polish is lowered, the floor roughens up along with the wood.

Finally, we'll create a couple of reusable nodes that will allow us to turn grayscale bitmaps into carved designs on our wood. We will also be able to add and adjust the color in our carving. And just like the flooring, it will all roughen up on the same polish parameter. 

Substance Designer - Wood, Wood Floors & Wood Carving
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