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Substance Designer - Intro to FX Maps

Making Procedural / Animated Noises and Masks that can be reused in a variety of materials.
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Build your own procedural noises and animated masks that can then be reused from the Substance Library

This series is all about FX Map nodes and how they can be used for more than just making procedural noises. 

We start with the basics, learning about the FX Map node and exactly how it works. In the second video we dive right in to making an FX Map-driven animated mask. 

First we'll start with a simple scratches noise that will be part of a custom image we'll animate with a second FX Map. Once we've got our FX Map animation running, we'll take a look at the Gradient Map node as a way of making both grayscale and color masks that can be used for blending materials. Finally, we'll take a brief look at the Material Blend and Multi-Material Blend nodes to see exactly how the mask we've stored in our Substance Library can be reused to make a variety of different animated materials. 

Substance Designer - Intro to FX Maps
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