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Subnetting IPv4 The Easy Way

Learn IPv4 Subnetting the easy way within minutes.
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Subnetting the Subnet Mask
Subnetting IPv4 Groups and Departments
Applying subnetting Rules
Subnetting the Broadcast Ip Address
Subnetting the First and Last Valid IP Addresses
Subnetting the Current and Next Valid NEtwork ID`s
Subnetting within seconds

This course covers the coals of subnetting IPv4 in a easy manner. This subnetting methods can be applied to the CompTIA N+ structures as well to the Cisco structures. Subnetting IPv4 is a very big part of the CCNA exams and also a very big part in your life. 

This course we will cover:

  • Broadcast IP Addressing
  • First and Last valid Ip addressing
  • Current and Next Network ID
  • Subnetting the Subnet Mask

This course will open door's to any networking career or study choices. By taking this course you will be able to master the art of subnetting the IPv4 addresses in different departments and also applying the subnetting rules.

Be able, be competitive, be Subnet ready

Content Overview:

  1. We will start by looking at the very basic rules and applying those rules in a subnetting scenario.
  2. We will be subnetting different types of networks with different sizes.
  3. We will take a look the most import calculators to easily and effectively subnet small to huge amount of networks.
Subnetting IPv4 The Easy Way
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