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An Effective Approach to Learn IP Subnetting

Cisco IP Subnetting for beginners
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they will be able to perform the IP subnetting

The course is the extract from a complete course of CCNA 200-120. In this course you will learn about the IP-Subnetting technique. If you know subnetting already, it will help you to make your understanding clearer. Further, the course is intended for anyone who is seeking a career in networking field and IP Subnetting can be referred to as a fundamental concept to build small to enterprise networks. There are still automated tools available in the market, so why you need this course?

It is because you have to have the understanding of Subnetting so that if you encounter issues in future, you might be able to resolve them easily. IP Subnetting is also an important topic of Cisco and this course will help you to have a good grasp on it. 

An Effective Approach to Learn IP Subnetting
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