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Communication Code - Master Communication on Subconscious

Open the Door to The Subconscious Mind with Body Language and Communication Skills
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Read Body Language And Facial Expressions
Body Language And Communication Skills For Interview
Body Language And Communication Skills For Sale Professionals
The Difference Between Conscious And Subconscious Communication
Build Rapport And Trust Instantly
Fundamental And Advanced Handshake Skills
Understand The Factors Of Communication

Communication Is Not Only Dialogue.

Have you ever experienced people are listening to you, but don't understand you? Or, have you ever heard people said they got you, but no actions followed by what you said?

That is because communication is not equal to dialogue.

According to scientific studies, only 7% of our communication credibility purely relies on spoken words. The rest 93% is non-verbal. That is huge, and it can significantly affect your outcome while interacting with people!

Usually, the majority didn't realize how non-verbal communication plays a significant role because it's subconscious communication.

In this course, we will discuss how to use verbal (conscious) and non-verbal (subconscious) to cope with communication to create a better outcome.

Have You Ever Experienced People Said Yes, But Mean No?

In many situations, people try to hide their emotions with words, but genuine emotions will show in body language and facial expressions. As a result, their words and actions do not match.

In this course, we will discuss the body language and facial expressions in few sections, learned with some examples, such as celebrity interviews or other videos, to empower your ability to observe how others feel so that you will not misinterpret what people genuinely mean.

Intelligence and Ability Define the Outcome In The Business World, Is That True?

Human is affected by the emotional brain before any other things.

Intelligence and ability can define outcomes, only if the emotional brain agreed in some way, shape, or form.

In other words, If you have the excellent ability, people can only see it or appreciated it with trust. Without trust, people will see your skills in some way you don't like or expect.

This course will lead you through various methods to build trust through 3 factors of communication. Also, we’ll take the job interview and sales as examples to apply them in the real world.

The Connection Is Crucial for Effective Communication.

The connection is for you to understand each other.

Whether you encounter a difficult, unreasonable person or a nice, polite gentleman, if you build the connections with them, you guys can get along effortlessly. In contrast, if there are no connections, an enemy is what you might get.

Most people think that communication starts once they talk, but in fact, it starts from the moment people met and see each other. At that moment, both sides will search out is there any connections.

If you missed the opportunity to connect in the first place, consciously and subconsciously, chances are, it's hard to have a great conversation later.

The course combines non-verbal and verbal communication skills to guide you to build better communication by generating connections quickly, which can lead you to a place for the desired outcome.

Communication Code - Master Communication on Subconscious
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