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Stylized Watercolor Portraits

Creating a Portrait with Watercolors, Ink and Colored Pencils
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You will learn how to make a stylized watercolor mixed media portrait.

Now is your chance to be daring and take risks! I'll show you how I make my stylized portraits. Yes, I use watercolor, but there is so much more! Throw in some ink and some colored pencils, maybe some gouache and NOW we're talking!

I'll guide you through a portrait from start to finish in real time, and take you through a few others as well. You'll see me draw the face, but I also provide a couple different alternative ideas if drawing makes you nervous. I encourage you to read through the lecture descriptions before each video lecture. (They are on the course landing page and there is one for every lecture.)

I'll be using toned mixed media paper for the main portrait instead of white watercolor paper, but you can also use white. If you use watercolors, using toned paper may be new to you. We get to add highlights!

I am encouraging and challenging you to take risks. Try drawing, even if you aren't confident in your skills. The only way to learn is to try, then try again, and just keep practicing. If you think purple might look cool on the neck, but you aren't sure because, really, who has a purple neck? Go for it! What is the worst that can happen? You end up with purple on the person's neck. It might surprise you and look amazing! If not, keep going. Put purple in other places too. It might tie it all together. You will never learn and grow if you don't try. That's what this course is all about!

I'll introduce you to the app called Sktchy. There are lots of people ready for their portraits on the app. Draw one of them instead of someone dear to you. That will keep you free to take risks and not worry about "ruining" the portrait. And don't spend days on it. See what you can do in a few hours. Then be done and move on to the next one! (PS - Stkchy is only available on Apple products, but you could also get great reference photos from the websites Morguefile or Pexels.)

I am SO excited! I hope you are ready to get started! :)

Stylized Watercolor Portraits
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