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Character Modeling & Texturing For Game - Complete Pipeline

Learn to sculpt, retopo & texture an animation ready character for game in Zbrush, Maya, Topogun and Substance Painter.
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Character Modeling & Sculpting in Zbrush
Retopology in Maya, Topogun & Zbrush
UV Unwrapping in Maya
Baking Maps in Substance painter
Texturing in Substance painter
Rendering in Substance Painter

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  • Stratis : One character course to rule them all... Finally someone to take us from A to Z , from concepting to a textured animation ready model. This is answering many hobbyist questions on the professional pipeline sequence (and doesn`t shy away from the most overlooked topic of them all: topology) Well done! 

  • Edgar Y : Amazing course. The essentials are in-depth, well covered & will enable you to create production-ready portfolio characters. Looking forward to more of your courses you'll be making in the future & keep up the excellent work. 

  • John T. Meredith : This is an excellent course. Learned things I had not seen any where else. Very clear and point by point step by step. Superior.

  • Alexandre MEAUX  : Incredible course ! This course provide ALL the possible ways to create something. It's absolutely not frustrating and you really feel the progress along the course. The Q&R is really helpful and satisfying. Loving this really ! Don't hesitate 

  • Jeff Thorne : This is a fantastic course! Nalini takes you from beginning to end of a great project. He shows you multiple ways of modeling to help you make your own choice. A great instructor. I will purchase all of his courses on Maya/Zbrush. Thanks Nalini for a great course. 

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Hi, Welcome to Character Modeling & Texturing For Game - Complete Pipeline Course.

In this course you will Learn to sculpt, retopo & texture an animation ready character for game in Zbrush, Maya, Topogun and Substance Painter.   

Do you want to learn the full process to make a character for game ? if so then this is the course for you.

Welcome and Instructor Intro 

My name is Nalin, I am a 3d Modelling and Texturing Artist and Educator.

I have been teaching since 2008 at various Institution such as ZICA, Reliance Education and Arena Animation. I have also worked as a Character Modelling and Texturing Artist at Lakshya Digital and Dhruva Interactive.


At the end of the course, you will be able to create beautiful looking characters for game using Zbrush, Maya, Topogun and Substance Painter.


List of Major Components

  • Modeling and Sculpting Characters Using Zbrush

  • Retopology using Maya, Topogun & Zbrush

  • UV Unwrapping in Maya

  • Texturing Characters and Props Using Substance Painter

  • Baking Maps

  • Rendering in Substance Painter

Let’s see how the course is designed and what’s there for you. There would be 13 modules.

1st module - you will learn Zbrush from scratch,  Sculpting and poly painting basics by working on a small stylized head project.

2nd module - I am going to start the main character project and you will learn how to start and block in the character from scratch using dynamesh and zsphere.

3rd module - you will learn how to block in the clothing of the character using different method I use in production.

4th module - you will learn how to define the face features and  making it look beautiful.

5th module - you will learn how to sculpt stylized hair using zmodeler and some specific brush.

6th module - I will show you how to sculpt stylized clothing wrinkles.

7th module - you will learn all about modelling and sculpting hard surface object zmodeler, dynamesh and some other Technics

8th module - you will learn Maya Basics and this module is for absolute beginners.

9th module - I will do the character retopology in Maya, Topogun and Zbrush. We are going to start with Maya retopo and here you will learn how to use Quad draw tool for retopology. And then I am going to switch to Topogun a specialized retopo software, and you are going to learn it’s magical tools to retopo your character with speed. Then we are going to see how we can also use Zbrush to create low poly   

10th module - you are going to learn character UV unwrapping using Maya 2018 new tool set. Here I am going to show you various ways to unwrap and some new powerful tools. And finally we are going to create the UV layout.

11th module - , I am going to start baking various maps such as Normal, Ambient occlusion, Curvature, position, thickness and Color ID map using Substance painter. I am also going to show you how to eliminates any errors in those maps.

12th module - we are going texture the character inside substance painter. First I am going to start with the very basics of the software and then I am going to texture the clothing, you are going to learn how to create leather jackets. Later I am going to make the character look a little dirty by adding a dirt layer. then I am going to work on the skin and the make up on the face and we are going to paint the eyes next. Then I will put some metal materials on the hard surface parts. Then you will learn how to create glowing emmisive parts. And finaly we are going to render our character with iray.

13th module - then in the final module, I am going to conclude and wrap up the course.  

Ideal Students 

I have designed this course keeping beginners in mind but it can be very useful for intermediate to advance character artist and students who wants to create their own characters from start to finish but struggles with it because they lack step by step guidance.

Thank you

Feel free to check out the course outline below to see everything that is included in this course.  

There is a 30 days money back guaranty. Which means if you aren’t satisfied with the course then you can refund it within 30 days. So literally there isn’t any risk at all, so go ahead and click on the enroll button. I can’t wait to see you creating 3d characters for game.

This is Nalin, I thank you for enrolling to the course and I will see you in the first lecture.


Nalini kanta jena

Character Modeling & Texturing For Game - Complete Pipeline
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