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Your COMPLETE GUIDE to Beautiful Product Photography!

MASTERCLASS: Increase Sales with STRATEGIC Product Photography Planning. Mobile, iphone, smartphone or any DSLR
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The psychology of why branding basics are important to product photography
Strategically plan overall product campaigns
iphone / smartphone / mobile Photography
Absolute Essentials To Take Beautiful Product Shots
Time Management in photography & in business
Extremely Important Business Mindsets
Product Photography
Introduction to Product Branding

Welcome to your new masterclass!  Learn professional product photography from start to finish, with any mobile, iphone, smartphone or DSLR pro camera.

EVERYTHING you need to learn is all in one place.  Right here.  A truly valuable resource.

Completing this masterclass, you WILL take beautiful product shots to build your brand.   BUT ...you will also learn something substantially more important than just pretty photography. You will learn the psychology behind WHY its so important to strategically plan overall product campaigns that are cohesive ...AND...are in harmony with your other product campaigns AND your overall brand as an artist.

THIS IS EXACTLY what increases product sales and it’s what successful brands get right from the start with their photography planning.  This is much more important than just taking a pretty picture. I will teach you WHY this is important ...AND... exactly how to do it.

This comprehensive course is for 2 types of people: its for artists/craftsman needing to photograph their own creations to increase sales online...... AND this class is for beginner & intermediate photographers who want to turn pro shooting product photography for clients.

My name is Ted Nemeth.  I was a world renowned craftsman for 12 years and learned beautiful product photography to shoot all my own creations.    Now I’m a professional photographer and videographer.   So I’ve had careers on both sides of the camera.   This gives me unique insight into what triggers sales.   It’s much more important than just taking pretty pictures of products.    We go into deep detail on everything!    I’m incredibly excited to share this with you and see your progress.

Your COMPLETE GUIDE to Beautiful Product Photography!
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