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Memory Skills... that WORK ! ... and revision top tips.

motivation to make studying fun AND get results!
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how to make their learning and study FUN
how to plan their revision time in the most effective way that suits their style of learning and personality
motivate themselves to take action on their studies
apply new and fun learning and memory techniques that WORK !
achieve... using our proven goal setting process
see how the scary stuff you have been putting off doing, will now be fun to attack and make the BIG difference in your attainment.
see how just 5 mins a day taking massive ACTION can change your results in a HUGE way

A series of fun, challenging and easy to apply and proven techniques that have got students great results for well over 17 years.

Learn and apply memory skills, a great goal setting process that has helped students to achieve BIG, and see how to plan your studies in a way that suits your learning style and personality.

No longer be afraid ion what you do not understand, and see how how motivate yourself to SMASH those anxieties.

The presenter (David Hyner) presents to between 10'000 - 50'000 students all over the world every year and his infectious enthusiasm will have you wanting to start "right now".

Memory Skills... that WORK ! ...  and revision top tips.
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