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Become a Student Investor

An Introduction to the World of Investing
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Learn the basics of investing and how to identify long-term stock investments
Introduction to the Stock Market
How to Pick Stocks
Company Valuation Techniques
Day-to-Day Trading Analysis
Identifying Opportunities
Analyzing Macro-Trends
Basics of Technical Indicators
Emotion and Risk Management
How to Use Earnings Releases
Create an Excel-Based Checklist
Interest Rates and Market Direction
Economic Data and Market Direction
Socio-Political/Economical Trends and Market Direction
Technological Trends and Market Direction
Know Where to Find Data Regarding Stocks, World Markets and Macro Trends
Ratio Analysis
Portfolio Diversification
Utilizing Hedging

Are you a student, school/university graduate or just interested in investing your savings for the future? Then you are in the right place.

Course Overview

  1. Step-by-step guide in order to familiarize your self with the global markets;

  2. Receive a summarized stock market training, based on the best investors ever existed;

  3. Witness real-life analysis of companies and the general market;

  4. Trading risk & emotion management;

  5. Q&A sessions based on your questions and thoughts.

*The course includes The Student Investor Guide-Book, saving you up to 50%.

Course Requirements

  1. Motivation;

  2. Hard work;

  3. Determination to learn.

Course Information

By purchasing this course, you will have access to a live Forum where you can post questions that you may have in order to receive advise and guidance.

Carried-out by: Anastasios Kefalas

Email: [email protected]

The information presented are my opinions and findings. Therefore, if your investments lead to a loss of capital, The Student Investor is not responsible for your own actions.

Become a Student Investor
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