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Structural Masonry with ETABS - Module 2

Specialized Structural Masonry Project
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Prepare a Structural Masonry Projects

General objective:

Structural Masonry with ETABS 17.0.1

  • Prepare a real project of housing with Structural Masonry Walls, using the most powerful tool on the market in structural calculation Software ETABS 17.0.1

  • Explain in detail everything related to the regulations: Regulations for Design and Construction of Buildings in Structural Masonry R-027. and the latter will be compared with the ACI318-14 recommendations regarding the design of shear walls.

  • Explain in detail everything related to the regulations: Regulations for Seismic Analysis and Design of Structures R-001.

  • Detailing of a Structural Masonry Wall.

  • Incorporation to the Model of the Design of Foundations of running footings, using Interaction-Soil-Structures. In addition, there will be a Real Soil Study of the Area

Specific goal:

  • Structural Masonry with ETABS 17.0.1-Module P2

  • Project Presentation, Definition of Materials, Definition of Cracked Masonry Walls, Slab Drawing, Stair Drawing, Load Assignment, Definition of Design Spectrum P1

In this moudle it´s included:

  • Introduction

  • Presentation of Project and Units in ETABS

  • Material Properties and Wall Thickness in ETABS

  • Factor System Cd, and Minoration Factors ETABS

  • LETABS Housing Drawing

  • ETABS Stair Drawing

  • Drawing of Interfloor Slab, and Assignment of Loads

  • Lecture 8: Roof Slab Drawing, and Load Assignment

  • Design Spectrum R-001 P1

The AulaGeo team worked hard on this course. It was developed in Spanish by Orozco, voiced by Gabriella for English speaking students.

Structural Masonry with ETABS - Module 2
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