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Strings for C Programming MCQ Practice Questions

Examination Preparation and Interview questions on Strings for C Programming
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Strings in C Programming

A string is defined as a contiguous sequence of code units terminated by the first zero code unit (often called the NUL code unit). This means a string cannot contain the zero code unit, as the first one seen marks the end of the string. The length of a string is the number of code units before the zero code unit. The memory occupied by a string is always one more code unit than the length, as space is needed to store the zero terminator

Generally, the term string means a string where the code unit is of type char, which is exactly 8 bits on all modern machines. C90 defines wide strings which use a code unit of type wchar_t, which is 16 or 32 bits on modern machines. This was intended for Unicode but it is increasingly common to use UTF-8 in normal strings for Unicode instead.

Strings are passed to functions by passing a pointer to the first code unit. Since char* and w_char* are different types, the functions that process wide strings are different than the ones processing normal strings and have different names

String literals ("text" in the C source code) are converted to arrays during compilation. The result is an array of code units containing all the characters plus a trailing zero code unit. In C90 L"text" produces a wide string. A string literal can contain the zero code unit (one way is to put \0 into the source), but this will cause the string to end at that point. The rest of the literal will be placed in memory (with another zero code unit added to the end) but it is impossible to know those code units were translated from the string literal, therefore such source code is not a string literal

These questions will give you basic idea for Examination Preparation and/or interview on Strings for C Programming.

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  2. In this practice test, because of large amount of questions (around 49 questions) some of questions may have repeated

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Strings for C Programming MCQ Practice Questions
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