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Stress Free Living

Five steps to gaining lifelong control of your stress. Science-driven, whiteboard-story designed, YOU focused.
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Learn the Science behind healthy vs. unhealthy stress
Learn about the research-proven tools used to manage your stress
Take action with proven step-by-step behavior change methods

Do you feel overwhelmed on a daily basis by the demands of work, family and the million small tasks cluttering your life?

Does your mind often feel like a storm cloud of negativity, worry, anxiety and distraction?

Do you ever wonder about those people who even with a million responsibilities seem to go through their day relaxed, in control and productive?

If yes, then this class is designed for you.

Thousands of people young and old have discovered the power the stress management tools and techniques shared in this program, and learned how to actually make long-term changes that lead to permanent stress mastery by using the proven behavior change methods here at LifeDojo; it's your turn to move past the gimmicks and top 10's, and make the effort needed to succeed.

Based directly on up-to-the-minute behavior science research from leading thinkers at Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Princeton, UPENN and others, every minute of LifeDojo programs are designed to inspire, motivate, and result in changing your behavior.

Imagine it. Every day you wake up alert, driven and focused to take on your responsibilities and every day demands -- yet you feel in control, relaxed, and confidant of each effort's outcome. You move through your day with optimism and ease, taking joy in the process of effort, letting your worry of outcome fade away. The negativity of others no longer affects you -- instead, you choose what to let influence you. You sleep soundly, feel happier, focus better and think clearer. All this is possible!

In this course, you will learn:

1. The incredible benefits of mastering your stress on your body, mind and emotions.

2. The story of stress -- why we have a stress response, how it helps us, and how modern life has made our stress response toxic and life debilitating.

3. The good news about stress - that there are tools you can use daily to put stress back in it's place -- as a help to improve focus, performance and awareness.

4. The five essential steps you need to take to succeed in overcoming unhealthy stress and using it to fuel an exciting new life. No more fads, gimmicks, or trends. Just proven behavior change methods that work.

Now comes the best part: Our entire class is offered in a fun, whiteboard-style story, that will have you laughing, learning, and connecting more than any other class you've taken!

So don't put-off your future one more day. For the cost of one meditation class, you can learn everything you need to know to succeed. Join today!

Stress Free Living
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