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The Stress Detox: A Stress Management Framework for Leaders

3 step framework for stress management, anxiety relief, and improved emotional intelligence using applied meditation
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Define what stress actually is, the crucial role it plays in our life, and how to optimize stress and avoid burnout to support wellbeing
Master your mind with a simple meditation to develop your self-awareness
Discover where stress is hidden in your life and what your unique stressors are
Diagnose the symptoms of stress and explore strategies related to physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing
Discover the role managers play to avoid burnout in the workplace and create a culture of impact
Make your personal action plan for how you will take care of yourself before, during, and after stress occurs
Understand the business case for stress management in the workplace

Don't let stress control your life. The Stress Detox combines the science and spirituality of stress through applied meditation and habit design to help you develop a personalized plan for emotional regulation, anxiety management, and stress relief.

The goal of this course is to help you breakthrough burnout, build resilience and take back control of your life.

Regardless of your current role whether that be CEO,  Entrepreneur, Employee, Student, Parent, Teacher, Doctor, Yogi …  Makes no difference. You are a human first.

You are one of millions of people around the world suffering from stress, anxiety, and burnout.

Over 60% of people report Workplace Stress as the number one source of stress, as prolonged work mobility increases with the majority of the workforce working from home during the pandemic,  the lines between home and work become blurred...  work stress becomes life stress.

Eliminating stress is not the goal. You need a healthy dose of stress to drive you to look, feel, and perform better. The million dollar question is: what's healthy and what’s not? The answer lies within you.

The truth is... Stress Happens. Stress is personal.

Stress is your body’s internal alarm system that keeps a pulse on your safety. It signals your mind and body to respond when change occurs, whether that change be expected or unexpected. Your body responds to these changes physically, mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally. This response happens quick. Have you ever found yourself engulfed in a heated argument, at the bottom of a pint of ice cream, or in the middle of a panic attack wondering... How did I get here?

The good news is you have a choice. How and when you choose to respond to stress could make the difference between calm and chaos

In this course, you will learn how to make that choice.

You’ll put on your stress detective hat to identify your personal stressors, and stress related behaviors so you can strategically manage stress and take back control of your life. We’ll do this through my 3D Framework: Develop, Discover, Do.

  • First, you will develop self awareness and mastery over your mind

  • Next, you will discover where stress is hidden in your life

  • Lastly, you will make a plan to do something about your stress

Do any of these statements ring true for you?

I am buried under a never ending to do list feeling like I’m about to lose it any second.

I find myself getting angry with the people I love most and feel awful afterwards.

I wake up in a constant state of anxiety and panic before the day has even begun.

I worry about making the right choices, and fear I’m not good enough.

I often go on shopping sprees and regret how much I’ve spent and what I’ve purchased later.

My work doesn't feel exciting and interesting, I wonder what I'm doing here.

I find myself overeating, even when I’m not hungry.

I feel alone, like I can't share my feelings because I don't want to be judged, so instead I put on a smile and go on with my day.

Something feels off, I just don't know what it is.

If yes, what I want you to know is that you're not alone.

Stress is personal. One person’s stressor is another person’s passion, so your approach to stress management should be personal too. This course is full of practical activities and worksheets to help you create a personalized plan for managing stress in your life.

As a recovering stress addict, I know how difficult stress management can be, and the detrimental impact stress can have on your life. I know the highs and lows of feeling stress and how easy it is to get stuck in a vicious stress cycle. But I also know the transformative power of breaking free from the cycle and doing something to make meaningful change.

Imagine for a moment that you are in complete control of the life you're creating. You feel calm. You feel energized. You feel ease. You feel freedom. You feel empowered. The happiness you deeply desire is unfolding right in front of your eyes.

Join The Stress Detox course today to manifest this reality.  I'll see you in there!

Coronavirus Pandemic Update: The recent Coronavirus pandemic has introduced a new layer of uncertainty and stress into our lives. It is more important now than ever before to prioritize your mental health as individuals and organizations. If your workforce is experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety right now, please know that you are not alone. There’s a lot we just don’t know right now, in times like this, it’s important to rely on what we do know. Utilize resources like The Stress Detox training, and other stress management tools to support your mental wellbeing and remain resilient during times of change.

CPE (Continuing Professional Education)

Learning Objectives

  1. Define stress, distress, and eustress.

  2. Identify the hormones involved in the stress response.

  3. Describe the stress spectrum.

  4. Identify the components of the 3D framework.

  5. Determine why it’s important to develop self-awareness of stress and how meditation can help.

  6. List the physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral symptoms of stress.

  7. Explain the gender-based differences observed in how we handle stress.

  8. Describe strategies that help handle the physical, mental, and emotional sides of stress.

  9. Recognize the role managers play in workplace stress.

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The Stress Detox: A Stress Management Framework for Leaders
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