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Stress Less

Find peace amid the chaos
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Over 40 lectures with about 2 hours of content (including activities)
Exceedingly clear, step-by-step, bite-sized (even fun!) lectures
6 quizzes and a downloadable pdf workbook filled with activities and exercises
A course able to be taken in one sitting
By the end of the course you should be able to:
Understand what stress is
Be familiar with the physical, mental and emotional effects of stress
Evaluate how stress is currently affecting you
Manage symptoms of stress to find relief
Demystify the role that feelings and emotions play in stress
Utilize a simple yet powerful new way to process stress more effectively
Say goodbye to being a victim of circumstances
Live life with remarkably less stress

HI, I'm Laura Dewey and…

I'm a Coach and a reformed stress monster!

You probably clicked on this course because you're stressed out and looking for relief.

Maybe you're:

  • Worrying day and night
  • Overwhelmed with the enormity of your to-do list
  • Feeling like your life and thoughts are in a cycle-from-hell
  • Having chest pains or other symptoms of stress
  • Self-medicating with alcohol, drugs or other destructive behavior
  • Gaining weight from eating emotionally
  • Exhausted…all the time…with no relief in sight

I get that. I really do. I lived it--for far too long.

You see, the symptoms listed above were MY symptoms. Maybe you're here because you're feeling the same way.

I was first told that I had an issue with stress after an EKG at the ripe old age of 23. I thought...stress? Not me. Upon reflection I realized it was me. Big time.

So what did I do? I drank. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Little did I know that it was actually exacerbating my stress; my "strategy" was making my life even harder to cope with.

I also set out to learn all I could about managing my stress. Everything I found was about mitigating the symptoms of stress once I was already experiencing them.

It wasn't until I got my Master's in Spiritual Psychology over twenty years later that I truly understood the source of stress and how to AVOID inviting it into my life in the first place. These are the life-changing tools I'm here to teach you today. That coursework completely transformed my relationship with stress. And now…

I want to completely transform YOUR relationship with stress!

Imagine what's possible for you if you have remarkably less stress in your life…

  • Better relationships with colleagues, friends and family
  • The ability to focus and really get things done
  • Quality sleep
  • Energy. Energy to pursue what you need to, but also what you want to!
  • Clear-headed thinking
  • The ability to be okay no matter what's happening around you
  • Radiant physical health
  • An upbeat, even-keeled mood
  • Real joy, from the inside out

And surprisingly, this is not difficult!

What are you going to get?

In this course, you'll learn about stress: what it is and its physical, mental and emotional effects. You'll also learn how to manage symptoms to gain relief. That's all fine and good. But for me? That's not what this course is all about…

This course is about learning a way to AVOID stress in the first place…

I'll walk you through a new way of processing potential stress in a very clear, step-by-step way. THAT's what this course is really about.

You will be able to engage in the coursework through a series of interactive quizzes and a downloadable pdf workbook filled with exercises and activities.

Then you'll have the opportunity to practice your new skills using a real-life situation that recently stressed you out. Right then and there, you'll know if this has the power to work for you or not.

Lastly, I'll ask you to report back after I send you out into your world to practice among the people, places and things that have stressed you out in the past. You'll have living proof whether your new skills work for you in the real world.

And remember, Udemy offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if, for whatever reason, you don't get what you want from this course. There is absolutely nothing to loose.

What are you waiting for?

One sitting--two hours--to completely transform your life. Does it sound too good to be true? You be the judge. I can just tell you that I'm living proof that these techniques work. I used to be a stress monster…now I couldn't be further from it. If I can do it, you can do it.

“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." –Albert Einstein Stop the insanity. Try something new.

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