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Stress in English Pronunciation: The Key to Accent Reduction

How to use word stress, sentence stress, and linking sounds to sound more like a native English speaker
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Students will be able to link sounds and identify stress in words to help them sound more natural.
Students will learn the tools necessary to practice pronunciation on their own.
Students will learn how to mimic native speech in practice exercises.
Students will be able to understand native English speakers better.

The main goals of this course are to help students understand and use  word stress, sentence stress, and linking sounds. We'll begin by giving you the foundations you'll need to understand these three principles, then provide you with the tools to use them on your own. Our focus here is not to get you to memorize specific words, but to learn how to recognize patterns in English speech so you can sound more like a native speaker from day one.

This course comes with interactive PDF worksheets that give you over 5 hours of additional practice. If you use an Adobe PDF reader, you'll be able to listen to audio examples directly through the PDF, so you can be sure you're pronouncing everything correctly. 

Unlike many language courses geared towards lower level students, we speak at a natural pace, meaning we don't slow down our speech. This is to give you the most practice with natural English. We highly encourage you to stop the video from time to time and repeat after us for additional pronunciation practice.

Good luck, and enjoy the course!

Stress in English Pronunciation: The Key to Accent Reduction
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