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Yoga for dealing with anxiety and stress

Ancient yoga, ayurveda and meditation practices. Authentic teacher from India
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How to cope with anxiety
How to minimize stress
How to deal with disturbing thoughts
How to become more calm and get peace within youself
Yoga for senior people
Yoga for office workers
Yoga for people those who works on computers for more than 3 hours
Do yoga from your office chair while you work

Attending this course you will learn how:

  • implement ancient wisdom in Yoga, Pranayama, Ayurveda and Meditation in your daily life

  • to minimize stress and fatigue

  • to reduce anxiety level

  • to avoid disturbing thoughts

  • not to get involved in exhaustible emotions

  • to be completely content with your life

  • to make your body more strong and healthy

  • to open your lungs, breathe more easy and be ready for new day and new life

Yoga for dealing with anxiety and stress
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