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Vinyasa Yoga for Strength & Flexibility

Deepen your vinyasa yoga practice with strength & flexibility flows.
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Deepen yoga practice
Create a mind & body connection
Strengthen your entire body
Learn to safely move through your practice

Vinyasa yoga is the practice of synchronizing the breath with movement to create a fluid mind/body connection. The benefits to vinyasa yoga are endless. Yoga will leave you feeling re-energized, relaxed, help you expel any toxins & blockages, relieve anxiety/stress & help deepen your level of awareness.

Strength & Flexibility Yoga was created for individuals looking to transform their body & deepen their yoga practice. The yoga postures in the classes were put together to give the student the most benefits by increasing both strength & flexibility.  Knowledge on the importance of body locks & breath can help make movements/transitions safer and easier.

What Strength & Flexibility Yoga Includes:

  • An optional schedule
  • The break down of the vinyasa + modifications
  • Introduction to body locks
  • Warm Up/Shoulder openers
  • 2 Strength Flows + 2 Flexibility Flows
Vinyasa Yoga for Strength & Flexibility
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