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Street Photography: How I approach people on the streets...

Learn how to get over your fear, how to approach people and how to improve the creativity and quality of your photos.
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You'll learn how to approach people on the street
You'll realise that you can get over your fear
You'll see that the camera is not that important
I explain, how I take my photos and why I do it like this

Street Photography can be performed by anyone who owns a camera. It's available everywhere for everyone. But this does not mean that it is easy. You have to be a complete photographer with the knowledge of the technical skills, but also building up knowledge of human nature. You have to see things before they happen in order to be ready for the decisive moment.

In this video training I will show you what is important when we are on the street. You can learn from my experience which I built up during the last 5 years shooting in the big cities of this world and teaching workshops:

- You will learn how to approach people - You will see how I do it in some making of videos - You will learn about the right settings - I show you what to do in order to increase your social media success

All is being taught with a lot of photos and examples from a practical perspective.

Street Photography: How I approach people on the streets...
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