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Strategy, Tactics, Defense and Survival Course

Develop your way to strategy, your mindset to tactic, your environment to defense and your body to survive. Be prepared!
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Be prepared to act with survival, strategy and defensive tactics in any environment, climate, condition or situation.

The Strategy, Tactics, Defense and Survival Course is a guide that will lead you, in a technical way, to the most diverse types of environments, climate, terrain and scenarios in the preparation and resolution of adverse situations.

Through the course modules, you alone or with your training group, will learn to analyze, develop, practice and improve according to strategic settings, tactics, defense and survival by using the information available in the instructions as key points, which combine ancient and modern knowledges.

You will make an immersion to leave your comfort zone, being prepared to act with survival strategy and defensive tactics in any environment, climate, condition or situation. Even defending yourself from monitoring technologies, in case they fall into the wrong hands. At the same time you will learn how to pretend you are in the comfort zone so you can act with a surprise factor.

Strategic, tactical and defensive development is based on behavior and in the art of observation to achieve resilience. Whether in the comfort of your home, where you are subject to many traps, or due to political, economic, climatic changes or increased brutal violence.

In cases you have to leave in a hurry for any other environment and even another country, facing places such as swamps, canyons, rivers, bridges, caverns, glaciers, airplanes, water vessels, traffic. Also situations where you can face dangers and violence of the streets and even pandemics.

You will learn how to transform any object into a weapon for defense and combat, wether melee or firearms. As a Strategist and Firearms Intructor I elaborated protocols to guide you with the use of airsoft platforms.

The greatest weapon of defense and survival in the art of strategy and tactics is the mental model for using terrain and everything in it to your advantage.

Always be prepared, acting with strategy, not giving in your tactics and defenses to the adversaries that may in the near future or at the present moment threaten your survival.

Do not allow yourself to become a lethality statistic nor let your Freedom be threatened.

Strategy, Tactics, Defense and Survival Course
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