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Job Hunting Strategies for an Unstable Economy

What to do NOW to get Hired & Recession-Proof your Career!
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Strategies for Navigating the Job Market during COVID-19 & an Unstable Economy
Advice From Top-level HR Managers to Stand Out From the Crowd
Learn How the Great Recession (2007-2009) Changed Work
How to Reskill & Recession-Proof Your Career
Define Your Strategic Competitive Advantage
Create a Career Action Plan

Whether you were recently laid off from your job, looking to change careers or are a student trying to navigate this uncertain economy, this course has actionable tips that can be implemented immediately to help with your job search!

Instructor Anna Mazurek is a university lecturer who has last few months researching the effects of COVID-19 on the job market by looking at studies from the Great Recession and interviews with economists, business professors and human resource managers at large media companies to help her students navigate the job market during an unstable economy. She has complied this information together to focus on helping a broader audience.

The course covers the following topics:

~ History of Pandemics & Recessions

~ Lessons from Great Recession (2007-9)

~ Instructor's Personal Experience during 2008 Recession

~ What to do RIGHT NOW

~ Approach Letters (The best tactic for getting hired!)

~ How to Recession Proof Your Career

~ What if You Can’t Find a Job Right Away

~  Money & Personal Finance

~ Fear Setting

~ Inspiration

Each section includes an activity to help build your career action plan with downloadable PDFs and other resources! There are FIVE activities to help you create your own Career Action Plan and a list of resources of all books, articles and research mentioned in the course.

Job Hunting Strategies for an Unstable Economy
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