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Coping with Sadness/ Depression

Mental Health Awareness and Wellness
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To improve the symptoms of sadness or depression.
To identify the areas in one's life that need immediate changes.
To train the brain to create new pathways that will help support positive changes.

This course begins with a brief background of my experience as a Mental Health Therapist, in the city of Los Angeles, California. It covers the Difference Between Sadness and Depression,When to Seek Medical Attention or get a Medical Check-up, Suicide Risk Factors, Areas of Brain Research, followed by; 11 Strategies proven Beneficial in Supporting Individuals Coping with Sadness or Depression.

The material was written for individuals who have the desire to manifest a meaningful and authentic life. Individuals who are willing to look outside and within themselves and adjust or change the areas in need of improvement. The importance of letting go of thoughts and behaviors,that are not beneficial to your well being is also covered in this workshop. A step-by step guide is shown in the workshop to help you make those adjustments and changes possible. 

If you make a commitment and put these strategies into practice, you will see positive results. Trust in the process, be patient with yourself, and you will be happy you took the time to invest in your Mental Health and Wellness. 

Coping with Sadness/ Depression
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