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Strategic Spanish for Housekeeping Supervisors

Easy Steps to Improve Employee Relations
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You do not have to be bilingual to foster excellent relationships with your Spanish-speaking staff. Learn some carefully vetted language tips to keep your workers engaged and productive.

Do you manage Hispanic employees?  Are you benefiting from their full potential?  Would you like to save time and money on retraining by increasing your employee retention rates?  The solution is simple: better communication.

In this course you will learn (1) strategic ways to instruct your staff in Spanish and (2) culturally appropriate ways to motivate your employees.  How to achieve this professional development goal?

Language training short-cuts get you started quickly in instructing your Spanish-speaking staff in their duties.  User-friendly strategies help you quickly learn pronunciation and key expressions to maintain productivity and safety.  The Strategic Spanish program was developed to incorporate a full range of learning styles.  Video and audio materials cater to visual and audial learners.  For those who “learn by doing,” audio practice and quizzes make the program hands-on, interactive and entertaining.

You don't have to be bilingual to learn how to communicate effectively with your Spanish-speaking employees.  Learning simple key phrases will empower managers and supervisors to communicate in a culturally-appropriate way to direct the duties of Spanish-speaking housekeeping staff and to avoid unsafe practices.  Since this program also incorporates cross-cultural training and suggestions for implementation, you will be better equipped to improve relations, cultivate loyalty and reduce costly employee turnover.

Strategic Spanish for Housekeeping Supervisors
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