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Strategic project management

Project management can be strategic, not only tactical. Learn to be a leader. Change to strategic!
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You will learn strategic tools: SWOT analysis, balanced scorecard, growth-share matrix, maturity model
You will learn how to analyze new situations: lean management, value stream mapping, total quality management
You will be able to establish enterprise project management office and how report by using earned value management
You will successfully explain complex strategies to others by using practical techniques

Welcome to learn Strategic Project Management!

This course will help you to become strategic project manager!

Course will start with going through what's strategic project management and how you as a project manager can become strategic. You will learn how management is different, how organization need to change. There are strengths and weaknesses in all of us. This course will help you to make a winning from your existing strengths and how to work with your weaknesses, even change them to your strengths!

Understand the essentials!

Course will start with the most important skills needed in strategic project management. You will know how the strategic project management process will flow. This will put all the learned skills and techniques together at the end of the course.

To know which areas you need more improvement and practice we will start with analyzing current situations: strengths and weaknesses. People are different, knowing better your start it's easier to take next level in your career! It's not only about you, learn about your team skills as well. Project success depends on whole team!

Successful, strategic projects!

Do you have any issues in completing your projects in budget, schedule and scope which were decided? Did you know that by advanced techniques you can reach your targets easier? This course is about strategic project management: what it means and how you can take your projects into next level.

Each projects have successes and failures. I will share you tips how to change, how to do and manage and go to strategic level from the beginning of your project. This is the basis. First you analyze the current level.

You can learn all this

  1. Make strategic project plan

  2. Keep your strategic project budget

  3. Finish your strategic project within given schedule

The course starts with basics and goes deeper!

In this course you will learn to how to establish enterprise project management office. It will start with basic level and continue to more strategic. Our starting point is often project office, then we start using same templates and methodologies across teams and departments. This will link project management into enterprise strategy process. You will get sample tools and templates in this course.

You will get to know needed tools, frameworks and strategic decision making process. You will also learn how to put your exact project into program context and later all of the projects and programs as a part of enterprise project management office. You will learn strategic decision making in order to make strategic portfolio management.

How to link all into one

  1. Understand and study enterprise expectations

  2. Link desired outcomes to enterprise level

  3. Follow templates, tools and methodologies in all projects and programs

  4. Evaluate each project and program, take input to enterprise level

  5. Cycle from enterprise level to projects and take KPI results back to strategy process

Get instant start with this course!

To make it simple: you will be able to evaluate your current level after completing this course. This is important in the journey of taking your management to the next level. To become better leader and change the future, enterprise thinking. Through out the course you get  more and more tools and techniques in an easy way.

Continuous updates!

Recently this course has examples of how to differentiate project strategy around the world. This helps you to make successful strategy in each and every time you go to other countries or work with different nationalities. Strategy is always part of background and it gets input from people around. Learning this helps you to be always on top.

Your instructor will be available throughout the course and you can ask questions. Whenever there's a need new materials and lectures will be added. Keep updated!

Strategic project management
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