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Strategic Planning: Beginner to Strategic Planner.

Achieve a Strategic Planning Capability that will drive Strategy and enhance value in any Business Environment.
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How to develop, conduct, and control strategic planning in your organisational system, or in your entrepreneurial endeavours.

Our course in Strategic Planning aims to provide the student with an enlightened view of strategic planning; a robust strategic planning process system; and the tools and maps to ensure that the student can proceed, long after they have left our tutelage, along the path to become fluidly proficient, and occasionally exemplary, Strategic Planners.

This course will allow the practitioner the apply Strategic Planning principles, and models in Corporate; Business; or Entrepreneurial environments.

Our Strategy Course consists of more than 30 films of varying length; from a few minutes, to between 20 and 30 minutes. Our mean average film length is roughly 8 minutes. Begin today, and start improving  your strategic lens!

Strategic Planning: Beginner to Strategic Planner.
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