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The Complete Strategic Marketing Plan - tools and strategies

Create your own Marketing Plan from scratch & write a comprehensive Marketing Strategy
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Build the strategic marketing plan, starting from the objectives (financial, strategic & non- financial objectives)
Learn about marketing brand strategy, choices & decisions to be made
Learn, step by step, to create the Marketing Mix
Learn about pricing strategies and how to set up the price for your brand
Learn about brand strategy & how you can leverage your brand
Learn about channel management strategy and different distribution models
Learn how to promote your brand and create an integrated communication campaign
Set up the marketing budget
Learn how to measure the impact & results, etc.

At the end of my course, students will be able to create their Marketing Plan from scratch, write a complete Marketing Strategy and confidently starting (or continue) to adapt the knowledge & implement the entire strategy marketing process for their brand. This course has over 6 hours of training, quizzes, and practical steps you can follow.

Learn step by step how to market a business from scratch across all the major marketing channels. Follow the steps on screen to get results at work, for own business or for your marketing clients.

This is going to be helpful for marketing students and for anyone that really wants to build a coherent and strategic Marketing Plan for their brand, without any prior marketing background and knowledge.

We are going to deep dive in all phases of creating a marketing plan: analysis, strategy (setting up your objectives – financial, non-financial, customer, strategic – deciding upon targeting & positioning for your brand, etc.). In the following phase, we will deep dive into creating the Marketing Mix with all pillars: product, price, distribution & integrated marketing communication.

In the final lessons, you will learn how to assess the results you have obtained with your Marketing Plan.

It is going to be a fun ride, with theory, examples & bonus materials.

The Complete Strategic Marketing Plan - tools and strategies
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