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Strategic HR in Modern Times

Apply strategic thinking to managing the HR function through employees' life-cycle before, during and after employment.
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The course starts by explaining the strategic approach to enterprise management. This explores how companies carry-out their operations from a strategic perspective.
Next, the course highlights strategic people management and exposes learners to HR strategy especially as required by the conditions we are experiencing in the new world of work.
Lastly, the course focuses on the elements of value creation in each strategic sub-domain of the People Management function. This explains what HR professionals need to focus on in other to create value within their companies.

Over the past decade, there has been increasing demand for value creation from business leaders across the enterprise. Interestingly, HR practitioners are being asked now to create business value more than ever before. Up till recently, HR was perceived by the rest of the business as one of the cost centres that provided little value to business growth.

Why is this? Many HR professionals have focused on tactical HR activities. Though required for administrative purposes, tactical HR activities, by themselves, hardly add significant value to the business. This is because these kinds of activities lack the strategic outlook. Having a strategic outlook means HR professionals are able to understand business objectives, can define business needs and are able to design and apply business solutions from an HR perspective.

This course teaches students to develop an holistic view on how HR provides business value through a strategic way of thinking. You will be introduced to an HR Strategy Model and a Value Delivery Framework that explains what to pay attention to when implementing value-add HR solutions.

Strategic HR in Modern Times
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