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Strategic Customer Success Management

Develop a healthy customer relationship and identify the customer end goal for success
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Learn elements of customer success management
Learn key role of customer success manager
Learn to evaluate and analyse customer needs
How to create customer success plan
Steps to build strong customer success team
Learn key customer success management principles

Customer success or customer success management is the business method of ensuring customers achieve success, their desired outcomes while using your product or service. customer success is relationship - focused client management, that align client and vendor goals for mutually beneficial outcomes. Customer success is important because it has a direct impact on the bottom line of your business. It improves your profitability by reducing customer churn, increasing customer life time value and creating a more stable revenue base for success.

The success of your business is inherently intertwined with the success of your customers. If customers succeed using your product, they will continue using your product or service, and thus, you business will succeed. At core that is all customer success is all about ensuring your customers achieve their desired outcome while using your product. of course, pulling that off requires people, processes, and - most importantly data. After all, how can you help customers succeed using your product if you do not know when, why, and how they are actually using it. that is why customer success requires leverage these three aspects, a business takes a proactive, holistic, and organization - level approach to ensure its customers - including those who use the product and those who benefit from its use.

Strategic Customer Success Management
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