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Strategic Business Process Management

process driven organisation, business process re-engineering, control based process, measuring process etc.
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Learn about people driven organisation
Learn about process driven organisation
Understand going from people driven to process driven
Learn about the components of a process
principle of the Japanese way of business process
Fredrick tailor view on process
Understand control based process
learn about converting data to information
Aligning all process - importance and challenges
Business process re-engineering
Measuring process through balance scorecards

The changes in the way business is down have revolutionized in this modern times.Every serious organisation want a method where in can put less and get more output. The process of doing business have change gone are the days when strong men are the only decision takers either they were founders or appointed chief executive officers, its has move from people driven organisation to process driven organization.

Now business have the ability to scan the environment and the ability to identity opportunity and treats and adapt to the changing demands in the market and stand firm to competition to protect its market share.

There are so many business principles such as kaizen by Japanese that is workable to ensure that there is a total improvement in the productivity of the company and affect the company positively. In the angle of operational and transnational process, there are things we need to examine carefully, the role of input, the search for best practices and standard operating procedures is very important in ensuring that the operation of the business work efficiently and effectively. The business process re- engineering is very important in this time because it enable us to share information and use technology as a solution in the numerous issues facing modern business.

Strategic Business Process Management
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