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Storytelling Through Video for Filmmaking Enthusiasts

Film school in an hour! Easy storyboarding, camera framing, movie transitions, editing for impact.
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Learn filming cuts, angles and framing seen in the movies
Train your eye to see detail like a director
Create a meaningful story through video

Hey there! Are you as pumped as I am about creating powerful videos without spending years at film school or buying expensive equipment?

Many people are just not aware of how to get their videos to create more impact. They may invest in fancy equipment and have achieved a polished look, but are wondering why there is no 'wow factor'.

Over the next lessons, we'll go behind the scenes of the edit and train your eye to identify the elements that will improve your videos.

I will be showing you how to:

  • Craft a story from seemingly random clips

  • Cut clips more effectively so every second adds value

  • Use different filming techniques seen in the movies

  • Train your directors eye and see detail where you may never have noticed

  • Tell your story and make a meaningful montage that carries sentimental value

Pets, kids, and life are filled with so many beautiful spontaneous moments. It's time to learn to artfully capture them and produce video montages that will hold the sentiment forever.

So grab your smartphone, get some free editing software, and let's get started!

Storytelling Through Video for Filmmaking Enthusiasts
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