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Storytelling - inspire, convince, be understood

How to tell exciting stories - for private individuals, marketers, journalists or authors
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where to begin?

You want to communicate with customers, readers or followers?

Then the best way to do that, is with good stories.

- Because stories make our lives richer.

- They make complicated issues understandable.

- We remember them easily and like to tell them to others.

Good stories are like cars: They look different from each other, but they always consist of the same parts. To keep a reader engaged, you need the right strategy. The right structure. Cliffhangers and concrete promises. And the reader should also get a few treats. You will learn how to feed them to your reader in this seminar.

Areas of application: blogs, reports, books, advertising, social media posts, films, podcasts and much more.

What will you learn?

The seminar follows an easy to learn and scientifically based storytelling formula. The course is designed to be very hands-on. You can try out everything you hear right away. The contents of the seminar:

- Why do we tell stories?

- The target group

- The kitchen call

- Three-dimensional approach

- Entrances

- Hero, wish and hurdle

- The hero's journey

- The sequence

- The end

- The ladder of understanding

- Best practice-examples

Who do you learn from?

Your instructor, Markus Feigl, is a journalism trainer, lecturer at universities in Austria and Germany, and long-time PR consultant. From him you will learn, how to tell stories in a way, that they are not only read or listened to, but actually enjoyed and understood.

Storytelling - inspire, convince, be understood
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