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Storytelling with photographs. Use storytelling to grow

Storytelling: Learn creative ways 2 express yourself using storytelling & photography. Storytelling is the new Marketing
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Learn wildwriting techniques to discovery your inner self
Learn creative ways to transform a simple picture into something with a meaning
How to use people and objects as story starters to write creatively
Attach and combine creative writing to your own photographs in limitless ways
Learn to use contextual contrast in a fun and easy way
Learn to tell your own story in a more compelling and unique way through visual storytelling

This course will be fun, creative, exciting. In the first section of the course I will show you a series of pictures, and we’ll have to express some ideas around that. Something very simple and fun to do, don’t worry, I am here to support you when things get tough.

The exercises presented in the course are meant for self-discovery, and to boost your creativity and also teach you a lot about photography in this process.

The second section requires a little bit more practice but it is also fun and simple.

It's creative, personal and you'll be learning more about photography by doing. If this sounds interesting and attractive to you, I invite you to take this course.

Your course project consists of the collection of the small exercises that you find in the lessons.
You may also pick one or a few that you like best. Do as many as you feel like, but please do at least one of them; you'll learn more by doing.

You will have more than 10 assignments and pick a few or do them all and you will learn a lot!

See where your inspiration takes you.

Storytelling with photographs. Use storytelling to grow
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