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Storytelling for Success, the Science & Power of Narrative !

Communicate with Narratives and Storylines; Engage, Influence, Inspire, and Remember, with Narratives and Stories !
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The Science and Research behind Stories and Narratives, and our Narrative Mind
How to Communicate Effectively using Narratives
How to Engage, Inspire, Influence and Remember, using Narratives and Storylines

Stories are powerful.

For millions of years, humans have relied on stories, fables, parables, and other narratives, to engage others, and to share experiences and emotions ! From personal experience, we all know that it’s far easier to remember details from a story, than to remember standalone facts and details that are not part of a narrative. And that is what the research tells us too … that narratives, and stories, are far more influential, and persuasive than just stating the facts, or providing the data.

This Course will provide a Narrative Storytelling Communication Model, with the 3 cornerstones of Narratives and StoryTelling, based on the Science and Research. It will explain effective communication using narratives, in order to be more impactful, and effective.

As a Leader, you can have a much bigger impact, and more influence, if your communication involves more narratives. Weaving your vision, mission, objectives, arguments etc. into a story line, with a message, or lessons, can have a far more powerful impact, rather than presenting it as a business case, or just presenting the data, evidence, facts and arguments.

Using powerful narratives can alter brain chemistry, which can, in turn, affect human behaviour. Practically, as Leaders or Managers, or trainers and public speakers, you often need to use non-fictional narratives to engage and inspire. This Course will help you immensely there !

Storytelling for Success, the Science & Power of Narrative !
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