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Storytelling for link building and content marketing

Learn to use 'people stories' to fire up your link building, inspire PR coverage - and attract and convert customers.
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Make powerful pitches that convince influential blogs and news sites to write about you and your clients
Find great stories in any company - no matter how 'boring' they might appear to be
Be able to approach and interview people so they consistently open up and share their stories
Turn people's stories into compelling content that is easy and enjoyable to write.
Enhance your journalism skills and learn how to apply them to link building and content marketing.
Enrich your content marketing so that you stand way above your competition
Write great content that people enjoy reading and are inspired to take action

The story approach to content marketing and link building focuses on discovering 'people stories' through one-to-one interviews with important audiences, and then turning those stories into compelling web content. Content that will put you way ahead of the competition.

As you probably know, content marketing today is getting really competitive. Everyone wants to get the powerful benefits that great content brings but to be successful, your content needs to stand out against all the others.

That's pretty difficult but using real people's stories can really make your content stand out.

We'll give you inspirational examples from well-written, successful blogs plus examples from important news sources such as the BBC, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and many others. We'll show you how pioneering publishers at local, national and international levels are harnessing the power of people stories – and how you can do exactly the same!

Real practitioners

This course is intensely practical. You'll learn from two active practitioners who work every day in content marketing and link building. Ken has over 30 year’s experience in public relations, content marketing and link building while Kristina Welch is an experienced journalist who is now a full-time content marketer. 

Both have conducted interviews with many hundreds of people, written compelling content based on their answers, and successfully pitched hundreds of blogs and news sites. Over the last two years, Kristina and Ken have pioneered the story approach in winning coverage and valuable editorial links from a wide variety of publishers.

Why are people stories important?

  • People stories are authentic – and provide a powerful way to connect with audiences
  • People stories are Google friendly - they're full of the natural language that Google loves
  • They create unique content – every fresh interview is different and the content based on it, is truly unique
  • People stories make content easy to write – reporting and commenting on what people say is so much easier than creating the content from scratch
  • Stories are full of meaning – when you get real people talking, they'll share their deepest feelings with you
  • Publishers love people stories - and will reward them with coverage and backlinks
  • Stories create multiple types of content – from interviews with many experts, to single in-depth profiles, the potential of people stories is huge.

In this course you will learn:

  • Why people stories are so important to content marketing
  • Why content marketing will become increasingly difficult – and how you have to raise your game to succeed
  • The secrets of turning people stories into fantastic content
  • Why publishers love people stories – and are ready to publish them
  • The ‘link building’ potential of people stories – and how you can take advantage of the opportunities
  • How to pitch people stories effectively to publishers, editors, journalists and bloggers
  • How to find people stories in any company – using 4 rich and reliable sources
  • How to engage with customers so that they give you stories that help you sell 
  • Why company founders often don't realise the potential of their own stories – and how you can help them to do so
  • How to harness your team's daily experiences to show the attractive, human face of your business
  • How to identify, approach and interview significant influencers in your industry
  • How to plan and set up interviews effectively
  • How to organise interview material so that people's stories are always at your fingertips
  • How to create multiple pieces of content from interviews.

Indeed, you will learn everything you need to know to use people's stories to create successful content marketing campaigns.

We’ll be adding new content regularly – and of course, we’ll be here to answer your questions promptly!

Thank you so much for checking out the course. The need for quality, unique content for the web is pressing – and likely to get ever more urgent – so we’d love to share our knowledge on the course and help you with your content marketing, public relations and link building. 

We’re sure you’re going to enjoy the course and that you will learn a lot you can start apply applying right away. We look forward to seein you on the course and guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

So don’t wait any longer. Hit the green button above and we’ll see you very shortly.

Storytelling for link building and content marketing
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