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Story Editing Masterclass

The ecology of novels
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Edit your novel, story or screenplay considering the whole work, rather than just the sum of its parts.
Consider the role of characters, including protagonists, antagonists and supporting characters.
Learn about central mysteries and how they can compel your readers forward.
Chart the flow of your story.
Learn how to power up tension.
Learn how themes unite stories.
Create compelling context to add drama and spice to your story.
Use tables, excel spreadsheets, charts, and graphs to see your story afresh.
Discover resources to help you with spelling, grammar and consistency issues.

Like every healthy ecology a story needs to work as a whole, not just the sum of its parts. Does your fiction world have a working ecology? Do its parts work together? Or do its characters overwhelm? Do all parts support each other, or do they each vie for power? How can you see the work afresh?

This course will enable you to become a more effective editor of your own fiction work. It will help you visualise a novel/screenplay/story holistically – as one grand ecology – each element reliant on another. If part of your story doesn't support the life of the whole, out it goes!

The Ecology of Novels includes:

  • Videos
  • Reading materials
  • Inspirational exercises 
  • Case studies 
  • Charts, spreadsheets, graphs
  • Links to extra resources (for swats only) 

Much as a new painter would stroll the Louvre studying the great master painters, as a writer you should be examining the best storytellers. So in this course we’ll be ambling through the literary Louvre, paying our respects to creative greats like JRR Tolkien, George Lucas, Harper Lee, William Shakespeare and many more.

Plenty of courses teach the basics of story writing. 

Few teach writers how to write brilliant – and connected – prose. Drafting leads to mastery. But only if you know where to look. Led by a Senior Editor with almost 20 years of editing experience this course points you in the right direction. 

Story Editing Masterclass
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