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Story Design

Get a mentor to help you master the skills necessary for success in fiction writing
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How to embed their ideas into the story design elements such as characters, plot and more

You have a story to tell. Let it out!

Imagine developing a story and telling it in a way that will keep the readers turning the pages.

Hank Quense is the author of a number of highly regarded novels and often writes and lectures on fiction writing techniques. Based on his non-fiction book Creating Stories which has been praised by novices and published authors alike in this course, you’ll learn how to:

* Develop imagery the reader can use

* Build well-rounded characters the readers can relate to

* Create a path through the plot cloud

* Develop an emotional arc to keep readers on the edge of their seats

* write dramatic and effective scenes

* and much more

This story design process can be used on any type of story. It can be used to develop a short story, a novel, a script, a play and even a memoir.

After all, each of these types really is just a story, and all stories use the same story design elements.

The only difference between all these types of stories is the output. A novel manuscript is much different from a screen play, but both stories need to develop characters, a plot and must use all other elements as well.

Bring your story ideas along and we'll work on them together!  Get started today!

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Story Design
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