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Store Design: How to Design Successful Retail Stores

Everything you need to know to create effective brick & mortar retail stores: Image, Display, Storefront, and Lighting.
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Design or evaluate any type of retail store, in any location using the tools and techniques presented in this Store Design course. You will learn how to convert your client’s image of the store into a three-dimensional reality show. To do this you will learn product presentation, store planning, storefront design and the special requirements of retail lighting.
This course is best suited for people who are designers, retailers, or real estate executives who can use this new knowledge to design a store or evaluate a retail store design. Architectural or interior design students can use the course as a basis for school projects. This course is only intended for "brick and mortar" stores, and is not for the design of on-line stores.

Store Design is an informative, stimulating course that provides everything you need to design retail stores. You will create stores that establish a strong image, attract shoppers, and motivate buying...in short, well-conceived designs...that sell. NOTE: Before you purchase this course, please understand this course is not a substitute for practical experience or knowledge in the world of design and construction. To use this course successfully, other than to just gain a better understanding of this interesting and distinctive design field, you will have to have basic architectural/interior design knowledge and/or experience.

You will gain a comprehensive knowledge of what makes a successful retail store design, and the pitfalls to avoid.

  • Determine the correct image for your store
  • Design a sensible, logical floor plan
  • Create totally effective product presentation
  • Design storefronts that attract, sell and reinforce the store image
  • Design vibrant and effective lighting

Store Design is your guided tour through the entire retail design process.

Design fast and effectively and explain the reasons for your design decisions. Take the mystery out of the process. The axiomatic elements of the design of stores are presented in simple diagrams with straight-forward language. It's a structured process leading to design success. Of course, you are still the designer. This comprehensive course is your toolkit to use to increase your abilities and critical perception.

The skills of a store designer are always in demand. This is an exciting, edgy, and never-boring area of work. The store design process moves quickly, and it's full of theater and fun. Unlike other project types which may take years to complete, the products of your imagination in retail will be revealed in a matter of weeks.

After you complete the course, you will have the confidence to know that your store design will work functionally, aesthetically, and psychologically. You will always create the right concept for every product, every location, and every retailer, because you will have sound design principles on which to base every decision.

Take the course: broaden your skills, become more marketable, and have fun creating cutting-edge retail stores. You'll be amazed how fast you can become an expert in the exciting field of retail store design.

Store Design:  How to Design Successful Retail Stores
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