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Stored Procedures Unpacked: Learn to Code T-SQL Stored Procs

Learn to develop, code, & implement stored procedures, transactions, & cursors, in your SQL Server database using T-SQL.
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Write bits of database code developers can call from other programs
Setup transactions, detect errors, and automatically rollback changes
Create reusable code to save time and make your queries easier to read
Use cursors to access specific rows withing a result.
Learn how to debug, that is troubleshoot, a stored procedure.

In this Course you will Learn to:

  • Use stored procedures to implement business logic.

  • Develop stored procedures from scratch!

  • Learn some basic  troubleshooting skills.

  • Know the right way to use cursors.

  • Apply database transaction techniques to commit or rollback your database changes.

  • Trap and handle errors.

Nothing is worse than

  • Being excited to learn something new but not knowing where to start.

  • Wasting time learning the wrong features.

  • Being overwhelmed with options and not know which to use.

Imagine Having...

  • Knowledge - Knowing how to quickly write stored procedures to take your SQL to the next level.

  • Confidence - Feeling good that you’re on the right track.

  • Accomplishment - Having a sense of accomplishment that you've learned something most cannot.

  • Fun - Having fun learning about cursors, stored procedures, and triggers!

By the time you’ve complete this course you’ll have an appreciation of developing stored procedures, overcome your fear, and able to write stored procedures that pass parameters, handle errors, and rollback unintended database changes.

Now that’s cool!

Stored Procedures Unpacked: Learn to Code T-SQL Stored Procs
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